About Me


ABOUT ME (THe longer, awkward version)

I’m Lauren. To be short and sweet, I’ll list my roles in life like an instagram bio like this: believer in Jesus, wife to San Antonio realtor, boy mom (x2), former special education preschool teacher turned stay-at-home-mom preschool teacher. Then, because you did click on “read more” to get here, I’ll give you more than that while I have your attention.

I am a wanna-be addict. I want to be so many things and I find myself constantly saying “I could do that.” But, I also suffer from severe doubt. I’m learning how to limit the possibilities of all I want to be and remove the doubt in what God has purposed for me.

I am a mom on a journey of creating balance and harmony in my life. I have been a working mom struggling with work-home balance. Now as a stay-at-home-momma, I’m trying to find the harmony with being home all day with two rambunctious boys and two hyper dogs, finding time for God, self-care, my hubby, friends, and family…all while trying to start a business.


While I only started this journey a little over a year ago, the dreams and goals for my future are ever-rapidly growing and changing. I could bore you with the roadmap of how I got here (because I really do like to talk a lot about how I overthink every decision in my life), but I’ll enlighten you with the new vision, instead.

I knew a name change was needed and I knew a blog was in my future plans. So I sat and reflected the words that described me and my visions and the word harmony struck a chord (🎵😉) with me. It is full of depth in all of its many definitions. I have always been musically inclined, so I resonated (🎵😉) with the idea of something that made so much sense to me and gives me positive energy to feed off of.

By definition, harmony is the combination of simultaneous musical notes in a chord; pleasing arrangement of parts; agreement; internal calm; and an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative.

My life has always been an arrangement of parts (maybe not always pleasing, but attempting to be). My goal for this page is to continue the interweaving of different accounts in my life (marriage, parenthood, education...) creating a single harmonious narrative, much like the musical notes in a beautiful sounding chord, that result in internal calm. (And to help you find that agreement in your multiple titles, too!) You don’t have to be a wife, mommy, or teacher to follow along, but I will primarily focus on those areas of life as that’s what I practice daily.

We don’t have to play in the same key or even sing the same song to help each other find what sounds best in each of our own lives. Even more challenging is letting God, the composer, write the melody, while you find the harmony that fits. So, let's all take a seat for the recital of life and watch each other’s songs play out.

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