Color Identification Easter Activities (and MORE!)

Easter is around the corner. We are getting ready to celebrate Jesus' resurrection and all things spring.

It's crazy that March is already coming to an end, and yet, in previous years, Easter already took place. This year it comes late in April, which only gives us more time to do all the fun and colorful activities.

We have been studying nursery rhymes and traditional tales in homeschool preschool, so this gives us a nice change of pace to our sensory bins and lessons. It also gives me a chance to do something geared for my toddler too. I don't expect him to match or sort all of the colors, but introducing them, while playing games with his brother, is beneficial to where he's at.

And you can use this FREE printable activity with your kids, too!

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We used the color visuals in a sensory bin full of Easter basket "grass" filler and sorted them onto the sorting boards, naming the colors as we pulled them out.

You could fill an Easter basket or use any other type of filler for your sensory bin to use, and grab the free sorting board and visuals to print and use here.



Since my four-year-old knows all of his colors, these activities will reinforce matching and sorting concepts for him. It will also help us introduce the idea of using describing words as he names the color and object. I created color word matching activities for him as well, as he is beginning to sound out words. This may not be for every preschooler, but with toddlers to advanced preschoolers, you can adapt and use these materials to support color identification in multiple ways.

If you're looking for more ways to build color identification, check out these bingo cards and color matching sheets to use in centers or small groups. These will help encourage the color vocabulary as well as matching and sorting skills.

You can use the visuals to call out and show students that need help with color identification or to let students be in charge of calling out objects for bingo. Laminate the color-matching pages to re-use in centers, small groups, or morning work. Students who have mastered colors (and are already working on reading skills) can use the word-matching activity to increase skill levels and the concepts being taught.


8 Bingo Cards (four 4x4, four 5x5)

12 Color Visuals for Eggs, Baskets, and Chicks (*three additional colors that are not included in the free activity).

6 Color Matching Sheets

You can find it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, here.

forgivenss basket cover.jpeg

All the colorful eggs and Easter baskets are great for practicing academics, but I never want to let those activities become the main focus of holidays like Christmas or Easter. That’s why we will also be using these same graphics to incorporate a lesson on forgiveness.

This is another big concept for the preschool age group. However, it could easily be simplified or used with older siblings.

For children under four, it can remain a color matching activity while introducing the concept of finding a verse in the bible and reading with an adult.

For children over four-years-old, you can unquestionably dig deep and read/discuss the topic of forgiveness.

What does it mean to be forgiven and to forgive others? What does the bible say about it?

Add scriptures to the basket as you read them. Read a couple together and discuss what the bible is saying about forgiveness. Talk about as many as your child can handle at a time. You want this to be purposeful. Find one to memorize as a class or family.

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