January 31st is the New January 1st

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...happy January 31st!”

It's a little past midnight, and I'm doing what I do best. I'm living life dangerously on the edge of a deadline.

The deadline for a personal goal. A goal that has already been pushed aside for too long.

Today is the day I make this website live. Today, because I proclaimed January as a cliche New Year's resolution month to do so and it's now my last chance to keep that commitment before I end up turning a goal into an intention of years past.

Oddly enough, I thrive in the last minutes of any creative project. I always have, and somehow, no matter how hard I try to plan ahead, I think I always will. Call it adrenaline or just putting my mind to focus purposefully on something besides the overflowing dishes and the clothes that are still in the washer.

Another thing that fuels my spirit is the idea of new beginnings. The hope that so many people see in a new year is how I choose to look at each day. January 1st isn't any luckier or more promising than January 31st. Each day God shows me that His mercies are new and I'm going to allow myself the same grace this year.

Trust me, I LOVE the fresh start of a brand new calendar, whether it be weekly, monthly, or yearly. What all of those calendars have in common are the days they hold. Each of us is given the same amount of days with the same amount of hours. So, why not start a brand new adventure at the end of a month on a Thursday?

Often times, new year’s resolutions are thrown away if they are not already transpiring by February. But, who says that quitting them had to be the answer? Today is January 31st and the last I checked, the sun went down last night and came back up this morning with a fresh start. Tomorrow is a new month. There are new opportunities every day.

January 31 is the new january 1st.png

Here's where I get to my purpose...the reason why I don't want to let January 31st pass me up.

I started this blog with the desire to share ideas about creating harmony in your life. If you understand simple music theory, you know that a chord is more than one key being played at a time. They require certain notes to be played together in order for them to sound good, or in harmony. Songs need chord changes to develop a melody. As the chords change, the notes change as well. Sometimes the songs in our lives will cause us to stop playing specific notes for a short time and start playing the right notes together in order to produce harmony.

So, here is to the first note of the song I'm writing on this journey. As I learn more about what direction this page may go, I'll start adding more notes to hopefully result in one beautiful chord. And eventually, construct a song. In the midst of that, I hope to share with you how you too, can make all the notes in your life play at once and make a beautiful sound.

Let's make the last day of January start with some beautiful sounds so February is ready to jam with us.