Spring Cleaning (in the Summer, Fall, and Winter too!)

As a teacher, I used my vacations to do projects around my house. Painting walls, refinishing cabinets, redecorating rooms, landscaping. Yet, in preparation to do them, I found myself spending most of the time deep cleaning and decluttering my house.

It came with the freedom of no alarm clocks or tardy bells, but it also came with added guilt of the huge teacher bag waiting to be taken out of my car. (Carrying that weight through the school parking lot was pretty amazing in itself).

And then it what felt like one short weekend, I was returning to work with empty laundry baskets, vacuumed carpets, decluttered junk drawers, and a full untouched teacher bag.

Then I had children. It wasn't that I was trying to be overly intentional about spending time with them. They just literally made it impossible to devote the time I used to on house projects. On top of feeling the guilt of needing to laminate and fill in report cards, I had the guilt of cluttered closets and a yard full of dead plants.

Turns out, saving all my cleaning for my vacations was a disservice to my babies and myself. I needed to be able to relish those days off with them.

I made a schedule that I used while working that helped me pick up the house on a weekly basis. Certainly, there were weeks when cleaning was the last of my priorities. I was able to use the month-by-month checklists and weekly tasks to get an idea of what I needed to catch up on when I had a free weekend.

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You can download a copy of my list here. (There's a blank one for you to write in your own cleaning plan, too!)

When I became a stay at home mom, I started using the checklist even more seriously to maintain the ever-messy house that comes with doing homeschool preschool. I also tried writing out every task in my planner. This was actually taking more time than actually cleaning the house each week.

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Making these monthly checklists helps me check off the tasks without needing to write them down. I add these sheets to my planner now, but you could easily laminate them to reuse every year or to check off the daily tasks each week.

If you are a subscriber to the newsletters, you can download the cleaning schedule and all the monthly lists in the exclusive freebie section anytime, here.

I hope these are as helpful to you as they have been to me. Happy spring, summer, fall, and winter cleaning!