I Betrayed Jesus, Too.

It's easy to read the story of Judas and frown upon his choice to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Surely Jesus' friendship was worth more.  Surely if we had followed Jesus day after day, we would've chosen Jesus. Right?

Of course, we would have.  If you truly love Jesus, you wouldn't second guess your answer to choose Him.

But the bible says His betrayer was with Him at the table at the Last Supper. Meaning the person to betray the Som of God was one of the closest people to Him. The Bible also says that "Satan entered Judas."  That's all Satan ever wants of any of us. He wants to come in and destroy our relationship with Jesus with doubt and distraction. It’s those of us closest to Him that are the biggest threat to the enemy.

Every morning it is my goal to read my Bible while my kids eat breakfast. Most mornings, I succeed.  Some days, I'm cleaning up spills or serving seconds. However, there are days that before I open my bible, I have already spent time on my phone, without realizing it. I'll be halfway through opening my fifth email or tapping my third "like" for the morning, recognizing that I traded in my time with God.  And for what?  An Old Navy deal-of-the-day and a picture of someone else's morning cup of coffee?

Even Judas wouldn't have wasted his negotiations on that.  

In simply missing one devotion or prayer, Satan has entered my mind through the art of distraction. I'm human after all.  Distractions are everywhere, and certainly, I can pick it right back up the next day.

Unfortunately, I have been in a place in my life where one replaced time with God turned into a month of my bible never being opened. And daily life distractions led to no time with Him, which led to seasons of doubt.

Judas is the story of grace and a warning for us all. Jesus knew early on when He first picked his disciples that Judas would betray Him. He still chose him AND gave him responsibilities. On the outside, Judas looked just like any of the other disciples.

That is the beauty of who Jesus is.  He will still befriend and use people, even if they are going to forsake Him.  He will still invite you to sit with Him and follow Him. I believe whole-heartedly that He would have forgiven Judas if Judas would've let him. Jesus forgave Peter who denied him and had healed many people from Satan's possession. Forgiveness is why He died. 

And yet, Judas missed out on witnessing the crucifixion and the resurrection.

You and I live in a time where Jesus has already paid that price for us.  While we can't walk with Him physically, He still desires us to walk with Him spiritually.  We are offered the same grace that Judas was given, but like Judas, we are also capable of playing the part and letting Satan enter our minds.

Maybe it's social media. Maybe it's TV.  Maybe it's even your work. Don't let distractions keep you from time with God.  Don't give Satan the room to enter into your mind or heart.

But don't condemn yourself over the act of betraying Jesus.  There is Hope. 

Lauren Medina