Mary, the Chosen Mama.

Lately, I’ve been studying Mary and how she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus, the Savior of the world. Honestly, I’ve really been wondering why God chose her over every other girl. Like, dang pressure, but you’re going to have to do this HUGE favor FOR God because you have this huge favor FROM God.

I won’t go into too much theological depth here, but there are a few easy answers: her status, her purity, her lineage, and her overall willingness to trust in God.

God is known for using people who are low in social ranking to do extraordinary things. Mary was an unwed virgin who, in today’s world, would have had lots of #goals to accomplish before she would have seen herself as one of the most celebrated women in history.

But God knew who she was connected to. She came from David’s bloodline and from the right descending line too...and that was pure prophecy. She was also related to Elizabeth who was carrying John the Baptist, and while that may seem coincidental, I think all of her connections were crucial.

Lastly, He always knows the end from the beginning. He knows exactly who will see His promises through, not by simply waiting on them, but by putting in the work. And in Mary’s case, that was quite the labor! (Pun intended. Pity laughs welcomed). He knows who will be willing AND keep the faith even when things are not easy to understand. She had to raise THE Savior of the entire world and worry about keeping Him safe, making sure He ate right, slept right, made the right friends...etc. She had to witness Him persecuted and tortured. (Not exactly something people would have rushed to sign up for had there been auditions). Mary was pure in her relationships but she was also pure in her trust.

And in all of this studying, God kept reminding me that I’m just as important of a mother as her. And you are, too!

Mama, God chose you. You may not be holding the Savior of the world in your womb, but you will be raising a child of God. That still comes with a LOT of responsibility. God knows the end of their stories, and He’s looking to us mamas to believe in His promises. The lineage we start in our houses could be the ones that God sees great works for many generations to come. The people we are connected to can open doors for us that we didn’t even see coming. And that social media following your chasing or the pay grade you’re trying to achieve...remember that none of that will ever be a requirement to be used of God. Stay willing no matter the tax bracket you fall under.

You can't control you or your family’s past. You do, however, have the ability to literally hold the future (and change its diapers too)! So take pride in those mundane tasks. You don’t know who you may be raising.