Back to School Family Traditions

It's almost here. The summer days are coming to an end, and classrooms are already being worked on by teachers around the country. Some of my online friends are ALREADY back to school. It's crazy how fast summer goes by.

This will be a milestone year for my family. My firstborn is heading to kindergarten, but I'm the one with the first day jitters. My son, on the other hand, is thrilled and ready to start.

We are getting ready by using our countdown bin (full of stickers to decorate his notebook) and planning on starting fun family traditions. I asked a few friends for their ideas and searched Pinterest for back to school celebrations. (See back to school ideas here and family traditions here).

If you're like me and want to start the school year off with excitement and cheer, check out these awesome ideas: (1).png

For kids of any age:

Morning and Evening Checklist: this one is good for older kids, but you could read these off to a younger child or make a visual schedule for them.

Dinner Menu Request: Let the kids be in charge! Have them pick out a meal of their choice for the night before school starts. Free printables are available here at The Dating Divas.

Party: throw a party the night before, for breakfast the before the big day, or even after they get home from school. Check out this fun morning breakfast and this adorable party.

Classic Photo Opp: Grab a letterboard, chalkboard, or printable sign (like these) and start a yearly first day of school picture to capture their growth each year. Find some signs on Etsy, Pinterest, or TeachersPayTeachers, like these.


For kindergarteners (or someone starting school for the first time):

School Supply Search: Have them search for their school supplies in the store or throughout the house and talk about how they'll use them in during school. Get your free printables here.

Mommy and Me Photo: Don't leave yourself out of first day pictures. Get a mommy and me picture starting when they're little and watch how you eventually have someone your size (or bigger) standing next to you.

Read books about preschool or kinder to help calm their nerves (and yours!)


Counting down to school:

Book-A-Day: Read a school/grade related book each day to count down to the first day of school. Make it even more exciting by wrapping the books for a surprising effect.

Coloring Countdown Sheet: Color one star each day until the big day.

Tools for Success: Countdown the days by going over the tools they need to be successful. find the countdown labels here.

We will be starting our countdown this week with our countdown bin that we use for holidays and special events. Typically, we put items like ornaments, feathers, toys, or notes inside the bin. I was struggling with what item to put inside the bin for our “back to school” countdown and started brainstorming what I want my son to know before starting school. I was walking through “a store” (ahem…Target) and the saw a package of tools. Suddenly, I realized, I wanted to give him the tools to be successful . So, each day we will take out a tool and discuss how to be successful in school.


Maybe you don’t have time to set up decorations or make a special breakfast…but you can start the day off with a special prayer, a note in their lunch, or an extra long hug. This day may not be a big deal to you (and even to some older kids who are more upset about going back than excited) but each year means your baby is one grade closer to college and leaving home. Make the most of the school years that you get to be a part of.

Creating Harmony in Special Moments in Life,